Balancing self and the relationship with the mentor during Ph.D.

Balancing self and the relationship with the mentor during Ph.D. The joy of getting selected to do Ph.D. is ecstatic and keeps you walking in the air for a long time. But you should not forget that this is the beginning of a journey, a journey into the unknown and a journey not alone but with the delicate coordination with your mentor!!!  The most common feedback about a mentor/supervisor from a research scholar is - "Oh my God! My mentor is the worst!!! You cannot find a worse mentor anywhere in the world. He/She is out to get my life ! And the remarks are never ending ------ 😡😡😡 But, let me enlighten you about the reality. Let us analyse this personality of a MENTOR. Your mentor's reputation is at stake the minute he/she accepts you as a student. This is because your quality of work was not assessed but your qualification and to a certain knowledge was. Is this sufficient to extrapolate quality work from you??? Can the mentor relax and trust you to do extraordinary work a

Open your mind to an enjoyable journey to a Ph.D.

Open up your mind! Researchers are regarded as the most intelligent people by communities. But, are they? As a budding research scholar, you will be amazed at the depth of knowledge which a professor exhibits or the "Gyan" which a senior research scholar proudly presents. How did they become so intelligent? Are they blessed with a higher IQ? What was the path they took to reach where they are today? Can I ever become one like that?  These may be some of the questions running in your mind. Let me tell you, you are not alone! And throughout the journey of your Ph.D., you will be haunted by a question ----- " Do I know anything at all???" Well, this is exactly the feeling you should have to become a life-long learner. So what does it take to have this urge to learn, learn, learn all the time?? Is it reading? Meeting Professionals?? Attending Conferences??  Join me in this journey of finding out what all it takes to become a good researcher. Let us explore the tough pat